Technical implementation will take place, for example, through the use of Bitcoin as a medium of exchange and Bitcoin Smart Contracts through Rootstock (RSK), with a parallel individual DAO and Blockchain through Scala, with Scorex as a framework. At the moment we are also examining the use of Bitnation/Pangea. For programming enthusiasts, this opens up a large field of opportunities and also beliefs.

In just 6 months, the blockchain landscape will already have changed drastically and further developed. Furthermore, we only expect the project to start with the first participants in 1-2 years, followed by a 1-2 year experiment phase, probably with a few adjustments through the experiences gained.

For this reason, we are working on a largely centralized prototype for the experiment phase.

Our focus lies in the network consisting of people, the dynamics which are developed therein and in which form and under which rules the goal of mutual coverage for emergencies can be achieved most reasonably.

All software we develop will be published at no cost as an open source.