Homo Socialis - The Pilot Project

"Homo Socialis" is a network of people, providing mutual financial aid in difficult living circumstances. It is a social safety net for emergencies based on collective decision-making, as well as monthly contributions, implemented through a decentralized, self-governing organizational structure.

How it works

Imagine that once upon a time... there was a group of people. They regularly met and each one always put some money in a collective savings pot. If one of them found themselves in need, the group would meet and decide to help them with money from their savings pot.

Thanks to Smart Contracts, Decentralized Autonomous Organizations and the Internet, today, this can be run collectively for almost any size group of people - without all members of the group even having to know one another - without the need for them to meet to make decisions and all without central management.

We are working on such a trial project accompanied by scientific researchers.